Introducing ACS XROV. The smartest and fastest mini ROV in the world. The XROV comes standard with a Jetson Xavier NX making it ideal for high-performance compute and AI. Capture accurate data of your underwater assets with 4k stereo cameras. With a 600V tether architecture, the XROV can operate all day and perform at full power at longer tether lengths. All packed into an elegantly efficient design that is easy to ship.

See it in action

Next-Level Underwater Drone

AI Optimized Computer

Run multiple NNs in parallel and process high-rez data from multiple streams.

Scaling Lasers

Real-time computer vision tracks laser points to scale defects on complex surfaces.

Enhanced Cameras

Perceive depth and capture crisp 12MP photos and 4K30 HDR video.

VR Immersion

Pilot with the Meta Quest or other headset.

Optimized HydRodynamics

Attention to detail in design of the external surfaces gives us best-in-class hydrodynamics.

Other Products

Javelin Simulator

A virtual-reality simulator for the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile.


A next-generation turret to neutralize swarming loitering munitions.

ACS changes the battlefield economics

ACS was created to lower the cost-per-kill of a drone to a few dollars.