State of the Art

Our proprietary hardware and software stack puts the gun on the target track, well beyond the simplistic control systems of legacy weapons systems. This is next-level target tracking that integrates with your sensors, effectors, and C2 systems.

Our Solution

Bullfrog™ is an autonomous gun turret that detects, identifies and neutralizes adversarial UAVs.

The fire control system can be unbundled from Bullfrog™ and used in other remote weapon stations.

What makes our fire control special?

Cutting Edge Algorithms

We are using proprietary control systems to move the gun.

Multi-input, Multi-output

Our system can handle the MIMO (multi-input, multi-output) optimization problem of a true nonlinear system.

Handle any constraints

Our control system is aware of real-world constraints such as max motor torque and turret inertia and can plan around them.

Other Capabilities

Passive Drone Detection

Machine vision programmed to search for and detect drones.

Training Data Generation

Rendering ‘ground truth’ data that you can trust.

ACS changes the battlefield economics

ACS was created to lower the cost-per-kill of a drone to a few dollars.