Our mission

Our Mission is to help the warfighter better maneuver across the battlefield, when they need to. We accomplish this mission by being a trusted partner with our customers when it comes to drone defense. Whether it is our kinetic kill solution, Bullfrog, or another partner solution, we are the first call our customers make when they need to defeat drones.

Mission statement

Protecting our military and allies on the battlefield and in conflict zones by reimagining the weapon systems of the past, infusing them with technologies of the present.

Founding Story

ACS was founded by CEO Steven Simoni, CTO Luke Allen, and COO Mike Wior. Simoni and Allen are former U.S. Navy nuclear engineers who met in the service. Both were instrumentation and control systems engineers for Navy nuclear reactors and have backgrounds that span robotics, computer vision, machine learning, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.

After serving in the Navy, Simoni and Allen founded Bbot, a software and robotics restaurant technology startup, where they met Mike Wior, CEO and co-founder of Omnivore, a restaurant POS transaction system. Simoni and Allen’s company was acquired by DoorDash in 2022, and Wior’s company was acquired by Olo in the same year.

They created ACS in recognition that the battlefield has evolved rapidly to include machine-warfare threats. ACS is building counter-drone robotic gun systems for this new era of drone warfare and to completely change battlefield economics.


Steven Simoni

Chief Executive Officer

Luke Allen

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Wior

Chief Operations Officer


Electrical Engineer

Remote - US


Engineering Manager

Austin, Texas


Aerospace Engineer

Remote - US


Company Culture

Fun Meter

We try, when possible, to do things that energize us and not do things that don’t—not always possible.

Completed Staff Work

We will help you, but we expect you to think things through on your own.

Objective by Nature

Given a set of constraints, there is generally a correct answer, independent of the people discussing it.


While we want other defense companies to help reboot the arsenal, we want ours to do it even more.

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If you're passionate about our mission, we'd love to hear from you.

ACS is a remote organization, with our HQ in Austin, TX, and an office in Alexandria, VA. If you're passionate about our mission, we'd love to hear from you.