Passive Drone Detection

Battery-powered camera system programmed to search for and detect drones

What we do

Scan the sky with an array of high-quality lenses. Our passive drone detection capabilities are easily embedded into an application of your choosing, using your cameras or ours.

We work with your team to make sure the accuracy is where you want it to be.

What we do

We have our own in-house libraries that we can share with you to help you aid in the development of passive drone detection for your larger systems.

From training data generation to improving the classification algorithm’s efficiency, our team can help you with whatever you need.

Other Capabilities

Fire Control Software

A proprietary hardware and software stackup to put the gun on the target track.

Training Data Generation

Significant quantities of perfectly labeled training data for modern convolutional neural nets (CNNs)

ACS changes the battlefield economics

ACS was created to lower the cost-per-kill of a drone to a few dollars.