Bullfrog™ Gun Turret is an autonomous system that detects, identifies and neutralizes enemy UAVs. Lightweight, low power, and passive – Bullfrog™ is perfect for on the move operations or defending high value targets like a power substation. Capable of neutralizing Class 1-3 UAVs. Comes with autonomous and semi-autonomous modes.

Bullfrog™ is changing the game in drone warfare


Operates on 24V DC, so it’s easy to bring Bullfrog™ on the go.


Fully passive detection system for safely maneuvering.


Under 150lbs.


Standard M240 .762 rounds on target.

Open Architecture

Your c2 system, your radars, and more can be added for enhanced capabilities.

Enhanced Vision

Accurate detection based on 100s of millions of training images.

Dive Deeper on the Product

Turret software will support both human-in-the-loop and human-on-the-loop control, ensuring zero incidents of unauthorized engagement. The system uses a Linux computer, and can be networked into existing air-defense and force-protection operating systems, for bidirectional communication of target tracks.

The system can predict that a shot will be on target before firing, or will recognize when it's infeasible to track a particular target maneuver

Our control system is aware of real-world constraints such as max motor torque and turret inertia and can plan around them.

The passive detection system will have a <2% false negative rate in detecting aerial objects within the turret's operational range, under various environmental conditions. This level of accuracy is enabled by our proprietary training data set of millions of labeled images.

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