Training Data Generation

Significant quantities of perfectly labeled training data for modern convolutional neural nets (CNNs)


Modern AI models need vast amounts of training data. Collecting this from the real world is costly and time consuming (and, for many military use cases, infeasible).

Our Solution

We make high-quality 3D models of target drones, position them in our full 3D landscapes and lighting render a photorealistic picture and save "ground truth" info.

We offer a wide range of weather, as well as additional model types such as birds, planes, and other common aerial objects.


All Weather, All Terrain

We offer the full range of weather, lighting, and terrain needed to train robust CNNs, with the latest photorealistic rendering and custom shaders for labeling.

Fully-featured Platform

This is the product of man-years of development by engineers skilled in rendering and machine learning. Future improvements (e.g. additional terrain) flow to you automatically.

Concierge Service

Work with our computer vision experts to create your dream data for your sophisticated models.

Other Capabilities

Passive Drone Detection

Battery-powered camera system programmed to search for and detect drones

Fire Control Software

A proprietary hardware and software stackup to put the gun on the target track.

Ready to increase mission autonomy?

Whether you need to detect, identify, track or engage, we help you through the whole kill chain.